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Working with your Resistance

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

There is a big part of us that resists things that are hard, uncomfortable, or involves making big changes, even if we intuitively know it the right thing for us. We may have been asking for signs and guidance for our next steps and there they are right in front of us and still we resist!

The resistance is simply our mind not want to do something different, our mind loves the familiar, the comfortable, the routine, so it makes sense that we would avoid anything that takes us away from this.

Resistance can show up in our lives in so many ways:

Procrastinating on our meaningful work( Me writing this!)

Getting addicted to distractions, the relentless scrolling as a way to avoid doing what we need to do. Resisting healthy changes to our lifestyle, resisting meeting new people or going to social events. It is different for everyone but we all have our own ways in all aspects of our lives where it shows up.

Resistance can show up in the body as a sensation that is a natural response to change or uncertainty, however its the mind that has the hard time dealing with change.

However there are ways of working with resistance, if you have an important project that you are constantly putting off, bring your awareness to wherever you feel the resistance, a tightness in the chest or a feeling of dread in your stomach, stay with it, acknowledge it, send it compassion.

Play with it, put on some music, dance with it, allow it to bring a smile to your face, shift the energy, laugh and bring some lightheartedness to it. It will ease off and then you can take action.

Meditate before you start, connecting with the sensation reassuring it, or exercise will also raise your vibration which will also makes it easier to move forward accomplishing what needs to be done. These are all ways worth trying as otherwise we remain stuck and wonder why nothing is changing.

Once you begin to recognise the ebb and flow of your resistance, you will then devise your own strategy and realise you are just responding to a natural sensation in your body, so keep with it, it will ebb and then you can dance with it allowing productivity and creativity to flow.!

So if you would like to set some achievable goals or even start to feel more productive in your life and would like to learn how to dance with your resistance or fear, contact me for an appointment at or phone 087 7687061.

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