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Whom are you making a priority in 2023

Whom are you making a priority in 2023?

It seems like it should be easy to put yourself first, to spend time doing the things you love and want to pursue. However, the problem is that life continually gets in the way. Commitments, family, and jobs, long to do-lists to be completed always there.

With all this going on, how can we prioritize ourselves?

Here are some ways we can do that.

1. Setting boundaries

Start by setting some boundaries. It’s too easy to say yes to everything and this leads to us being stressed and over committed. Learning to say “No” is so important. Boundaries are limits you place around your time, emotions, body and mental health to stay content with who you are.

2. Change your mindset!

People often feel that putting yourself first is selfish. However, taking time for yourself helps you recharge. It helps you find your true passion in life. Once you create a self-care time and practice for yourself, you will find it having a ripple effect and other will benefit.

3. Prepare to succeed.

To make yourself a priority this year involves some planning. Prepare to succeed. Put yourself in the calendar as you would work or children. Map out how you would like things to happen, organise ahead of time. Coming up with a detailed plan of what you want to do this year is the best way to succeed and you adjust as you go.

If this is your year to prioritise yourself and you are struggling to get 2023 off the ground? Contact me at to reset and recharge your energy you can begin from a clean slate.

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