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Visualisation Meditation for the busy mind and 5 benefits of including it in your practice.

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Visualization Meditation for the busy mind and 5 benefits of including it in your practice.

I use visualization meditation myself and with my clients, with huge success. I use journeys and take clients on very visually beautiful journeys and while they are following me, the body starts to relax, the mind is busy keeping up so stressful thoughts melt away.

Visualization meditation combines the practice of meditation and the technique of visualization. Meditation allows you to focus on controlled breathing to bring calmness. Visualization allows you to experience the feelings associated with goal setting or releasing what patterns no longer serve you.

5 benefits of Visualisation Meditation.

1. A digital fast.

This can be said of all types of meditation, time away for devices creates mental focus, boosts concentration, and extends attention span.

2. Good for your overall wellbeing.

Visualization meditation is known to impact us on all levels-mental, physical, and emotional. It can alter your life by helping you tune in to a deeper connection within, to your higher self, to your intuition, and helps you make a deep connection to the universe bringing an overall state of wellbeing.

3. It may enhance creativity.

The whole point of visualization meditation is to let your imagination run wild, so it makes sense that it would help to get your creative juices flowing. It encourages your imagination to create desired outcomes in your reality raising your vibration and your consciousness.

4. It can help you achieve your goals.

To envision yourself achieving your goals supports a more intentional way of living, increasing the chances of achieving those goals. Through visualization meditation, you can slow and focus your mind enough to picture yourself, going through the process step by step, visualizing the setting up of the goal, putting it into practice, being grateful, and enjoying it. Also, you can visualize the result and work through the steps back to the beginning. At the end of the meditation, your goal will feel more within reach, and you will have a plan in place to get started.

5. It may help to relieve stress and anxiety.

Visualization meditation comes with all the benefits of traditional meditation, including stress and anxiety relief. So, if you need a calming space, just drop into the body and visualize yourself in a relaxing situation.

There is no one right way to practice visualization meditation. That’s the beauty of it, you can allow your imagination to take over and you can sit back and enjoy. Remember, that’s it safe to go with the flow and make it your own or try different styles until you find what works best.

If you are struggling to see or achieve your goals or are unsure if it is the goal for you, as a Life coach I can help you get clarity and feel into your goals and ideas making sure they are right for you. Contact me for a free introductory call at

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