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Too stressed to focus

Are you struggling to stay focused? Are you constantly looking for your keys, wondering where you’ve left things? Being stressed and overwhelmed can cause “brain fog”. When we are under higher stress and stakes, we can get caught up in survival issues, such as health, finance, career or lack of them!

This is can pull us completely off track, any plans or goals or intentions get lost in this brain fog. Lack of concentration and inability to focus are symptoms of stress, anxiety or trauma.

Here are a few ways to minimize the symptoms:

1. Practice self compassion

Tell yourself this is a temporary situation. Speak kindly to yourself and you will notice the stress easing. Look back on times where you got through stressful times and remember the relief and gratitude you felt at that time.

2. Create a flexible routine

Set boundaries around work and home time, get regular sleep. Leave time for things you enjoy. Accept that some days may be harder than others but take advantage of the good days and do things that fill your soul.

3. Find self-care that works for you.

When you think about self-care, you may think of meditation, exercise establishing routines. Whatever you choose has to work for you! Try out different things, you are more likely to stick with something if it feels right.

Having trouble concentrating or tuning into the details of your life can be frustrating and exhausting. However, taking small steps each day can increase your focus and get you back on track over time.

If you find you have lost your focus for a while and cannot get clarity on where to start your journey back to focus, contact me at for a an energy reset session.

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