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Thrive the benefits of joining:

My idea for the group Thrive was to teach easy quick in the moment techniques to keep you on track. These techniques can also be used during a period of change. Change can bring up a lot of emotional turmoil, however rather than losing days dealing with, I will teach how to not drop down the rabbit hole and deal with stuff as it comes up, keeping you on track.

The benefits of joining:

1. Being part of a supportive like-minded community.

Sometimes it feels like you are the only one going through stuff or feeling stuck or lost, connecting with others going through the same thing can bring comfort and a space to talk and share.

2. Connecting with Angels

You learn how to connect to the beautiful energy of your Angels, through meditation, Angel cards and guidance.

3. Group coaching

You will have access to weekly group coaching sessions, I will coach you through different themes each week, money, mindset etc.

If you would like to part of this group you can sign up at

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