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The Quantum Reset

The Quantum Reset

Resetting a client’s energy is the basis for all the work I do, it’s part of all the services I offer. However, The Quantum Reset is taking your energy reset to the next level.

Through our energy field we are connected to the Universal energy field and through this energy field we are connected to everything. Our energy field is an attracting device of people and experiences. The vibrational pattern of our energy field is important as it affects our everyday experiences.

Everyone’s energy field is unique and carries it’s own blueprint of who we are.

Habitual energy patterns, expectations, and beliefs we have about ourselves, others and the world from our early experiences are held in our energy field. These beliefs and patterns, especially those that are inherited are held below our level of conscious awareness but can be read in our energy field.

Working directly on a person’s energy field is the most effective way of clearing what is there that is causing issues in your life right now. The Quantum Reset is like setting the reset button but on a much deeper level.

In these reset sessions, we explore the energy and meridian imbalances, also the beliefs, patterns and emotions that are causing blocks and taking you off centre. Opening the flow of abundance and wellbeing. I bring your mental, emotional and physical bodies into balance bringing clarity and focus to your life.

The length of time this reset lasts varies from person to person. It is important to consider this a process rather than a one-off experience.

So, you may need a reset session if you resonate with the following questions:

Am I stuck in some area of my life?

Is there a particular theme or pattern that keeps coming up?

Are the same outcomes showing up no matter what I do?

Do I need support going through a major life change, such as infertility treatment, relationship break up or career change?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can book a session or if you’re not sure, book a 15 minute free consultation at

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