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The Power of Clarity

The Power of Clarity

Do you find when you are trying to make a decision, or you’re feeling stuck and want to make changes, you find you’re living in a fog, or you can’t stop your mind from going in all directions? This means you are lacking in mental clarity.

However, when the fog lifts and your mind is calm, you feel empowered to make decisions that feel good, you are experiencing mental clarity.

Clarity is an inside job, the fog or lost feeling is coming from within, so the work needs to start there. Unearthing the old stories, emotions or experiences that may be causing the fog comes from self-reflection and personal development. This calls for commitment, especially if you’re interested in finding your purpose or improving your life through change.

Here are a few things you can do now to begin the road to clarity:

1. Create some space. When we are unclear on something, most often we put it off instead trying to get even some clarity. Instead, try to carve out some time to figure things out. Carve out an hour, a day, or a weekend to have some time and space to allow some inspiration.

2. Journal. Write what you need clarity on, it doesn’t have to be anything solid or have any answers, just let your thoughts pour out. Allow a stream of consciousness. Give yourself space to reflect.

3. Meditate and contemplate. Go out in nature or do some mindful walking connecting within. Meditate see what comes up for you. Ask the question you need clarity on and see what emerges.

4. When you do have a little clarity, take action. Many people think they have to have clarity before they action, but it often happens the other way around. If you have the slightest bit of direction, go in that direction, take the first step and see what happens. You will learn so much more from doing.

5. Reflect and assess. Reflect after you take action, as you set things in motion, take time to reflect on how things are going and this in turn will bring you more clarity.

Clarity helps us to focus, to take action and to feel energised. A lack of clarity causes stress, inaction, a scattered focus, relationship difficulties and struggles at work.

If you are looking for clarity or direction or are ready to commit to living a purposeful life, contact me at for a free introductory coaching call.

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