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Taking back control

Taking back control of your life.

“Taking back control of your life means finding that balance between what you can and can’t control”

Do you feel like you’re swirling around and around in the sea, rather than swimming in the direction you would like to go?

Learning how to take control of your life puts you in touch with true self.

Here are some ways to take back control:

1. Prioritize self-care.

In order to gain control over your life, prioritize self-care. Nourish yourself, body, mind, and soul. Find activities that you enjoy and stimulate you. Care for your body with nutrition and exercise. Learn to master your emotions, ground your body with the earth and learn ways to deal with stress.

2. Focus on something other than worry.

One of the best ways to feel more in control is to focus your energy and attention where it benefits you most. Choose your circle wisely, make sure you are having fun and being supported.

3. Empower yourself by identifying the small changes you can make now.

Make a list of the things you would like to change. Choose one you can change today, to feel more in control. Same thing with decluttering, choose what you can declutter today and go for it. You will reap the benefits.

4. Implement a daily planning routine.

Start by setting an intention each day, setting an intention is making a commitment to yourself. So, start by deciding how you want your day to go and what you want to accomplish, and break it down in to doable tasks.

Taking control of your life, may bring up fear, the fear of change, however taking the steps towards controlling your life will bring confidence and you feel so empowered.

If you need support while you gain back control of your life, join me for a 6 week kickstart program, From Worry to Wisdom, working on mindset, navigating change through self-care, supportive meditations and Sound therapy. For more details contact me at

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