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Swap Drama for Peace

Releasing drama for inner peace

“When you are not honouring the present moment by allowing it to be, you are creating drama” – Eckhart Tolle

You create your own drama in life, so if you’re sick of life’s dramas, you’re doing it to yourself. Where do you need to focus on your own goals and not get dragged into someone else’s drama?

Here are some steps to take to attract more peace instead of drama:

1. Avoid giving unsolicited advice.

You hear someone’s struggle, and you feel you have the perfect solution. The reality is you haven’t been asked and also if you give the advice and it’s not followed it causes frustration. So keep your advice and you’ll avoid a lot of unnecessary drama.

2. Know your limits.

People have a tendency to over commit themselves. Too many commitments and things start to fall through the cracks, then the blame game begins which all brings in lots of drama.

3. Mind your own business.

Socialising with people is one thing, staying out of their business is another. Creating a boundary around socialising is key, listen but do not step into their story, we forget a lot of the time people just want someone to listen to them not fix or come up with solutions.

4. Focus on yourself.

If you are focused on getting your ahead in your own goals, you won’t even notice the drama. You will be so zoned in on your own future all the side drama just fades into the background.

5. Learn to say NO

This is so important in all aspects of your life, say No to other stuff is saying yes to you. Setting an inner boundary and being discerning is key to keeping your focus on you and your goals

Life will always have drama; however, you do not have to engage. Instead of letting it get to you, meditate, bringing your awareness to your inner self. Also, take a breath before you answer or are tempted to give advice or repeat something you have heard. Set your intention every morning to peace and soon you’ll notice your life changing for the better!

If you need help focusing on you and your goals contact me at I can help you set achievable goals and ger your life back on track.

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