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Starting new things? Not reaping the rewards?

Starting new things and not reaping the rewards?

Most of us like starting new projects. We get excited easily by the start of something new. Our brain’s reward centre has us seeking the increased dopamine associated with starting something new.

However, do we really think through starting these new projects. Do we allow enough time to not only just finish it but actually complete it so we can then benefit from it? Do we get overwhelmed and then realise we have lost interest it and struggle to get it finished?

There are 2 things to consider when starting something?

Do we need to be more selective about the projects we begin? Really think it through right to the end, when we are inspired by passion instead of outside acknowledgement there’s a better chance that we will follow through.

We need to apply the correct strategy to support our success.

Here are some tools you can use to being your project to completion and reap the rewards:

1. Write down your goals.

Before you start your new project commit your goals to paper. Writing it down and seeing in black and white motivates you to move forward.2.

2. Timing is everything

Before you calculate how long your project will take, consider if this a part time project? Do you have a full-time job to consider while doing this? Also allow time for the thing’s life might throw at you and take you off schedule.

3. Stop being a perfectionist

If you find you are abandoning Projects or tasks because you feel the result won’t measure up, try lowering your own sky high expectations. Give yourself permission to try something even if its not perfect, it feels good to do something and will motivate you to keep going.

4. Mix it up!

Have fun as you’re going along. Don’t wait until you’re finished to feel happy and joyous. Celebrate each step as you achieve it. Bring work and play together and enjoy the process to reap the well deserved rewards.

If you need clarity on which project to start or you have a pattern of nor completing things contact me for guidance on

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