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Setting boundaries this Christmas

How to set boundaries during the Christmas Season

Although Christmas can be uplifting for some of us, not all may feel the same way. Learn how to reduce Christmas stress by setting boundaries.

Setting boundaries is necessary to improve our health and relationships. When you set a healthy inner boundary that reflects on the outside, really standing behind your NO, this helps you find an inner peace and have the Christmas you want to have.

Set Christmas boundaries by saying “No” to these things

1. Overcommitting

There are a lot of demands on our time during the Christmas season. If we don’t monitor our calendars and energy levels, its easy to take on too much. Even if you enjoy most of these activities, you probably can’t do them all and still take good care of your physical and emotional health. Try to remember that we all have a finite amount of time, so consider when you say Yes to one thing you may be saying No your own self-care. Plan time for self-care and rest without feeling guilty.

2. Trying to create a perfect Christmas

Perfection is overrated. Trying to get everything and everyone to live up to a high expectation, takes the fun out of everything. Try to be flexible and set realistic expectations. It can be more enjoyable rather than being tired and irritable.

3. Overspending

Don’t get caught up in buying “just one more thing”. Set a money limit and abide with it. This takes the urge to overspend and regret it in January. Be mindful about what you’re spending and you will find your budget stretches further.

4. Thinks that don’t fill you with joy

Christmas revolves around traditions; we tend to celebrate in the same way year after year. Do you enjoy these traditions or are you doing them because you’ve always done them this way? Traditions are negotiable, so why not pick and choose the ones you want. Give yourself permission to not to do it or maybe do less.

5. Self-criticism

Self-criticism is never helpful, and it certainly doesn’t reflect the true meaning of Christmas. Why do we expect perfection of ourselves? We hold ourselves to unrealistic standards and are so hard on ourselves when we can’t meet them.

Whether you choose to celebrate Christmas or not, Christmas can be on your terms, some people may not understand your choices. This doesn’t mean your choices are wrong, we all need to do what’s right for us.

If you need and help or support with Christmas stress contact me at for an energy reset.

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