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Setting boundaries and sayng no

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Do you struggle to set boundaries and say no?

Setting boundaries and saying no was the biggest challenge I had in my own journey of personal development over the last 12 years. Yet, it was the most freeing experience and gave me the most direction as I was tuning into to me free of other’s influence.

Having learned to be a caretaker and put everyone’s needs before mine, so setting boundaries really hit up against my belief systems. Having played the role of people pleaser and peacekeeper, I really had to do a lot of uncovering and find that power within that puts me first.

Being OK with people’s reaction to your boundaries and to your “NO” is something to make peace with otherwise you will stay stuck in doormat energy.

Here are a few tips to get you started on your journey to setting boundaries:

1. Practice tuning into your Yes/No. We all have our own intuitive guidance system or GPS, which gives us our Yes/No answer. The trouble being we often ignore our answer then regretting it.

2. Learn to tolerate the reaction of others to your No. When you start to create boundaries, people may get angry or disappointed, however, their reaction is theirs and is a reflection of them, don’t allow it to distract you from holding firm with your boundary.

3. Be clear about what Yes means to you. If you are clear about what you want to say yes to, it becomes easy to say no.

Take a step back and assess what you want and what your priorities and values are, then set your boundaries accordingly. The stronger and clearer your Yes is, the more the Universe will respond with more things to say Yes to!

Learning to set boundaries is a journey that needs support, as lots of people will find it’s a brand new space. If you are struggling, please contact me for a consultation and expedite your journey to Yes!

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