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Self-care the key to Manifesting

Self-care the key to manifestation

Practicing self-care is the key to many things, however it plays an important role in manifestation, as the Universe responds to your vibration. Self-care raises your vibration, increasing your self-worth and confidence. The confidence to grab those opportunities and walk through the doors that are opening for you.

Making and scheduling time for you for the things and activities that enhance your life means you are stating clearly to yourself and the Universe that you are worthy and deserving. You are your own valuable asset, so it stands to reason that care, love and attention you give yourself is essential to manifesting more in your life.

Here are some ways to bring Self-care into your day.

1. Schedule it in

Schedule in self-care to your daily calendar, like you would work appointments or zoom calls. By doing this you are ensuring that you are making time for you and you are acknowledging to your self that you are equally as important as everything else in your life.

2. Take time to dream

An important part of self-care is taking a moment to pause and see the big picture. Take time to imagine, dream clarify what you really want. Each day allow yourself time and space to envision your biggest desires and goals manifesting.

3. Be grateful

Every single day take time for gratitude. Whether you write down things you are grateful for or light a candle and reflect on how blessed you are, it is such an important part of your self-care routine and it acknowledges the things that are going well for you and you are telling the Universe more of that!

4. Go outside

Spending time outside reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and you become more mindful. Being more mindful bring a sense of peace as when you are present in the moment, you are not trying to solve anything or complete a to do list, you are allowing mind body and soul to connect and just be!

To make all this work you must create a wellness routine. Consistency is key to abundance in all areas of life. Loving and caring for yourself is a collection of small actions each day to receive long-term results.

If you would like help or encouragement with your Self-care, join my facebook group Thrive, for tips and tools on self care, meditation, journaling etc. You can join through my website at

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