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Self-care during fertilty treaments

Self-care during fertility

Undergoing fertility treatment can be a rollercoaster journey. With so much focus on technical and clinical issues, the emotional side of this things can be forgotten or neglected, and this can lead to stress and overwhelm. It is so helpful to develop some self-care and coping skills and these skills are life skills which can benefit you long afterwards.

The primary goal of self-care is to decrease stress and to devote some time to relax and just be, even be for a little while each day.

Here are some ways to include self-care into your everyday routine:

1. Exercise kindness

The first and most important thing to remember is to be kind to yourself. Giving yourself unconditional love and releasing any judgements or comparisons you may be making.

2. Finding happiness in the small things

To help ease the stress of fertility treatments, I always suggest doing one thing per day that makes you happy. This is completely different for everyone and the more you tune in to the unique, crazy, off the wall things that make you happy, the more you will fill you body with happiness bubbles and raise your vibration. This will lead you to doing more stuff you love more often.

3. Take a break

We always feel like we have to be doing something. This can often create more stress in an already overscheduled life. Take time to do nothing, to rest, relax and take time to connect within showing gratitude for the journey you’re on. Anything that keeps your tank full, your energy high and prioritize yourself.

These are just a few suggestions for you to start on your self-care journey. If stress is becoming an issue for you or you want to release stress for your life, free up your schedule to make time for you and allow flow in your body, I can personalise a self-care routine for you based on your lifestyle and your interests.

Also during your fertility treatment it’s important to have support and a safe space to talk, letting stories and mindsets go around and around in your head can be exhausting so contact me at for stress management sessions and a gentle energy reset.

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