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Productivity and Self-care, ways to find the balance.

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Productivity and Self-care, ways to find the balance.

We have all felt it before, the never-ending push pull of knowing you need to get things done and also knowing you need to take care of yourself. It’s hard to balance, how do you decide if you’re taking care of yourself or just avoiding things that need to be done?

This something I have personally struggled with, in the past productivity usually won. That mindset is something I am continuously working on and here are some tips I have learned on the journey to balance.

1. Schedule in time

If you are inclined to be a slave to your to-do list, actively scheduling in time for self-care practices and activities you enjoy, is the best way to make it happen. Time for exercise, meal preparation and hobbies that calm and recharge. Taking time for yourself may feel like you’re slowing down and not making progress, but by taking time to care for you, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually you actually become more productive. Give yourself time to rest and recharge and you will find the time spent getting things done will be more efficient.

2. Reframe productivity.

Most people have a clear definition of productivity, the more I accomplish each day, the more productive I am. It can also be quality or quantity, just getting things done, doesn’t mean you’re doing them effectively. Aim for quality productive time instead of trying to fit in more and more.

3. Separate worth from productivity.

Is your self-worth tied too close to your productivity? It’s hard not to feel downhearted when we don’t complete our to-do list, however it can be become a problem when it takes us down the road of self-judgement and criticism. It will be easier to separate your worth from productivity when you start to prioritize things in your life, like self-care, fun, friends etc.

4. Understand you may have to let a few things go.

Most of us have gotten into the habit of packing our days so full we simply have no time left. Rather than feel rushed and overwhelmed all the time, pick a few things to let go of. Delegate a few other things and feel a calmness and spaciousness because of it.

5. It’s ok to just stop, even if everything does not get done.

This is where scheduling is important, just because you’re not getting everything done, does not mean you have failed. More then likely, you have overscheduled. It’s ok to stop and decide what’s done is done and rest and recharge and nurture yourself.

Being balanced doesn’t mean that every single day you will feel balanced. You may not evenly achieve balance between self-care and productivity. It happens on a much larger scale. Some days will be busy, some days will be easy. So instead of trying to force each day to have a perfect mix, try for an overall balance in your life, even out a busy week by filling your weekend with self-care and fun and you will find balance becomes easier to achieve.

If you are struggling with achieving balance or finding your self-worth is preventing you from prioritizing your needs, contact me for a free introduction call at

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