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Practice the Pause

Practice the Pause and take stock

The pause, what a great thing to do – to pause. Yet it isn’t something we ever consider doing in the heat of a moment. Stopping is not something that we do or even thinking of doing in the various situations we find ourselves in.

However, Life could have a lot more flow if we took a breath before saying yes or no before committing. When we are asked to commit to something big or small, we need to take a breath and give ourselves time to connect with our gut instinct and make a decision for you and you only.

If you have things in your life your life you are unhappy about it’s because you said yes to them. Where are you not taking that pause that breath before you allow things into your life.

Sometimes the pause is a breath and sometimes we need the bigger pause when it’s time for a life review or we to step back and take stock of where life is going. So really it’s just stopping before making any important decisions and making sure they are the right ones for us. Looking back and seeing if the actions steps we are taking are bringing us in the right direction or if we need to take a different path.

Practicing the pause when you are overwhelmed with emotion is crucial, nothing good ever comes from making decisions from a place of emotion, pausing to take a breath will connect you head and body therefore grounding you to make a decision from logic.

We are emerging from stressful times so practicing the pause is crucial for our wellness and self care.

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