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Overwhelmed by others

Overwhelmed by other’s problems.

“When the person with the problem has the ability to change things, but they are not willing to help themselves, there is nothing you can do”

This what causes the overwhelm and frustration in you. You can see a way out for them but they have to be able to see it also.

Always stuck in the energy of other’s issues can be depleting. Trying to get someone to hear your advice is depleting. So you find yourself on the floor, worn out and frustrated all for someone else, doing a job that is not for you to do. Everyone is on their own journey and unless we are asked to help we cannot interfere.

Some things to do and be mindful of before we start getting involved in things that are not our business:

1. Take a step back and trust that the other person has what it takes to sort themselves out in their own way.

2. Realise that everyone has a choice to struggle or to find solutions.

3. Stay in your own lane, until or unless you are asked to help or advise.

In the meantime, you can focus on you.

Prioritizing self-care, setting a focused intention everyday and making your to do list, will keep you from getting involved especially if you want to get things ticked off each day.

Remember, you are only responsible for you! We have to allow others to find their way through. Once you understand this and accept it you will be less impacted.

Do you find you are worrying about everything, money, jobs, fertility other people’s issues, a constant cycle and you’re feeling overwhelmed with the continuous back and forth in your head?

Contact me at and check out my new program from Worry to Wisdom a 6 week program guiding you to look past the worry to the solutions.

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