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Overthinking, do you have a stategy for it?

Overthinking and steps to handle it.

Overthinking is exhausting. When you are overthinking, thoughts are running circles around and around and then you find yourself stuck in reverse, stuck in cycle unable to move forward. You start to come up with bizarre ideas and inventing stories to justify the thoughts.

Overthinking is simply the act of “thinking too much about something for too long” It is energy draining, it elevates stress levels and clouds your judgement.

Here are some steps you can take to help:

1. Stop the thoughts in the moment and practice being present.

In the heat of overthinking, stop and say “No! I am not having these thoughts now! Bring your attention to the present moment. Breathe. Focus your mind on where you are, how you feel and what is stressing you out. Take out your journal, start writing, this will help you figure out what your thoughts are trying to tell you.

2. Let go of the past.

Overthinkers often ruminate about the past. They expend their energy on the “what ifs” and “should haves” but that energy is removing you form the present moment. The past cannot be changed but you can accept it. Acceptance will free your mind from the mistakes and burdens of the past, that keep you from taking action in the present.

3. Identify your fears.

It is often irrational fears that arise in our minds that cause us to overthink. We fear failure, judgement, not having what it takes to succeed. Living in this fear will keep us trapped in indecision. The best strategy is to beat fear is to take action

. Just take a small step in the direction of the fear and see what happens. The moment you take action is the moment you win the battle with your overthinking.

4. Manage your stress.

The best ways to manage your stress are to unplug, move and spend time in nature. A 10-minute mindful walk unplugged from devices can be hugely beneficial in calming the mind. Spending time in nature can put the brain in a meditative state slowing down the overthinking cycle.

These are just a few ways to handle overthinking and require practice. Having a strategy for those overthinking, overwhelming times can prevent your thoughts from getting out of control.

If you find yourself overthinking and worrying constantly it is time to get help. Worry is a bully, it only takes and gives nothing, I can help you get this under control.

As a Life Coach and Energy therapist I can teach you techniques to use in times of worry, so you can get clarity and make room for the solutions to appear.

Contact me for a free consultation at

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