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New Month! New You!

Every New Year, the thought of making resolutions makes me want to climb under the duvet and not re appear until March! I have felt this way over may New Years until I took a look at what this overwhelming feeling was about. I discovered that resolutions or goals are future focused and before I was finished stepping into one new year, I was right into the next.

Looking towards the future constantly causes anxiety, the present is being ignored and all we have is the present. I found planning from month to month very doable, breaking that down to daily planning and this brought me to intention setting which I found works really well.

Intentions are lived each day in each moment, it's a setup of how to want your day to go, taking action and responsibility for that.

Intention setting can be as simple as stating first thing in the morning, what you would like to accomplish today, asking for help and be open to the signs. Once a month you can have a ritual, light a candle, pen and paper, ground breathe and set out your intentions for the month.

Gratitude is a very important part of the intention setting ritual, if you are always just wanting and wanting without gratitude, you are in a constant state of lack and that is what the Universe is listening to. Take time to check into your intention, you will only follow through if it matters to you, then break it down to weeks and days.

The most important thing whether you are goal or intention setting is to constantly recommit to what you want. Life will throw us curve balls, sometimes out the blue and it's just about stepping back and recommitting, acknowledging the bad days and getting back on track again. The big key being, to stop allowing drama and stories especially other people's drama and stories from keeping us from creating the life we want, learning how to detach and let go making space for what you want.

So, if you want any guidance on intention setting, or getting clear on your vision for this year, also if you want 2020 to be a drama free year or a year free of solving other people's issues,

Contact me on 087 7687061or

Geraldine x

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