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The practice of mindfulness which is directing all your attention and awareness to the present, can bring many benefits to your physical and emotional health.

Practicing mindfulness everyday can benefit you by taking you out of a negative downward spiral caused by stress, too many bad moods or ruminating in the past. It helps you put stressful events in perspective so you can react differently and build resilience for the future.

Learning how to be present in the moment is a way of life, something you can practice every day. Being intentional about being more mindful during your daily life can help you live with greater purpose and more happiness.

Here are some ways you can bring mindfulness into your everyday:

1. Be mindful in your interactions

Whether you are interacting with family, work colleagues or friends, mindful interactions are important. So rather than scrolling through your phone while you are with someone, give them your undivided attention. Observe how you listen and how you respond, learning to respond to others in a mindful manner rather than reacting.

2. Engage in activities mindfully

Do you ever have trouble recalling whether you already had washed your hair in the shower or what you walked into a room for? The reason for this is so much mind chatter going on and you are not present to your activities. Throughout your day, look for opportunities to be more mindful, whether you’re commuting to work or taking a shower, try to be fully aware of what is happening and what you are doing.

3. Pause throughout the day

As you move from one activity to the next throughout the day, it can be tough to stay mindful. You can get back on track by pausing and becoming present. Using the breath tom keep you grounded and steady. Keep coming back to the breath when you get off track.

Mindfulness takes practice and it takes time and when you start your mind is likely to wander repeatedly, but with practice and patience you’ll get better. You will start to reap the rewards of decreased stress, better mental health and greater happiness.

If you are struggling with stress, contact me at for stress management coaching and bring peace and flow to your life.

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