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Manifestation the basics

The basics of Manifestation

There are a lot of experts talking about manifestation at the moment. There is no right or wrong way to manifest, just your way. Manifestation is a personal journey, we have our ways to attract and also detract from what we are asking the Universe for.

I am sharing a few basic steps, the foundation for manifestation, to raise your vibration, switch up your mindset to start attracting what you want in your life.

1. Being Specific

When you want to attract something into your life you need to put in your order to the Universe like you would shopping online. A black dress, size 12, long length. You’re very specific about what you want to order, the same goes for the Universe.

2. Ask the Universe

There are many different ways you can actually speak to the Universe. I like to write it down and the speak it out loud. I see it as a form of praying to a higher force. I also write a journal entry about what I would like to have, why and how thankful I am that it’s on its way.

How often should you write? Some people ask once and let it go. Reinforcing those positive thoughts every now and again doesn’t hurt. Sometimes doubt can creep in, so when that happens, just reinstate those feeling, and journal about how excited you are about whatever you want to manifest.

3. Believe in the Universe

This is the most difficult part. Believing. How do believe in something you haven’t experienced before. It is about changing your mindset to the what if. To the OMG! What if this actually works? What if I attract amazing opportunities to me? It turns the negative connotation of “what if” on its head and allows you to feel excited. Let yourself get the feels. Get excited, start living as if your manifestation has already come true.

4. Receive and take inspired action

You hear people say “Well I want to win the lottery so where’s my money?” The Universe cannot bring you the money if you don’t buy a ticket!!!! When I ask the Universe for something, I keep my eyes open for opportunities that the Universe is sending and take inspired action. Inspired action is when you meet the Universe half way and take steps towards making your dreams come true.

5. Be grateful

This is the final step and the one many people forget to do. You get so excited you manifested something, you want to immediately manifest something else, without giving thanks to the Universe. Writing a gratitude list everyday and tune into the day and specific things that happened that day otherwise it the same shopping list over and over.

Manifestation can be a tricky business depending on your mindset, how open you are to receiving, worthiness issues, these can all make the process more difficult.

If you find you are meeting road blocks on your journey to manifesting contact me at so we can clear the way for you to attract the life you want.

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