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Letting go the way to freedom

Letting go the way to freedom

Are you feeling overwhelmed in business or life?

You know most of us tend to carry around needless mental burdens that weight us down.

You may be constantly rehashing a past mistake over and over, or you are ruminating about an unrealistic goal you have set for you life that you have been unable to meet such as your weight, your finances, or other achievements. Maybe you beat yourself up over a bad habit or addiction. You may obsess over a feeling or being wronged or misunderstood, what you should or should not have said.

When we carry these mental burdens with us all the time, it’s like carrying a weight on your shoulders.

So today I would like to invite you to drop one mental burden. One you have been carrying around that no longer serves you.

Using the following steps:

1. Take a moment to pick one thing that feels like it has been weighting you down.

2. Now consider what part of this thinking pattern is useful? Is there a lesson, an insight, or a nugget of wisdom, if so, just taking that with you!

3. Notice what part of this burden or mental dialogue is creating the heartache and the suffering.

Really take a moment here to see and feel the suffering it creates and how it fills you with anger. Clearly seeing the cost of carrying this burden.

4. Resolving to yourself now to drop it. Give yourself permission to set it down. Visualise setting it on a raft and pushing it out to sea. As you watch it drift far out to sea, set your intention to disengage from it and be ok to let it go.

Feel the ease and lightness that comes from shedding a mental burden and as continue to cultivate an unburdened mind you make more space for inner peace and joy to grow.

If you struggle to let old burdens go or feel you are constantly being dragged back by your past, contact me for an introductory call. The most common reason for being stuck or lacking in clarity is that there is an old story or trauma being played over and over in the mind and the energy of this story is your prevalent energy, leaving no space for anything new.

You can contact me at

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