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Jumping the job ship?

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Time to jump the job ship? Things to consider first!

With the changes to working conditions over the past year. People have had time and mind space to reflect on their jobs and career choices.

A lot of people are asking themselves, should I stay, or should I go now?

Sometimes we need a bigger challenge, or we like the excitement of something new. Divine timing plays a part in this as sometimes it is as simple as it’s time to move on, your time in this position is up.

However, the decision needs to be made from a balanced place and when I work with clients, I clear away the fog of indecision and we step back and take a look objectively.

Is morale low? As this can create a sense of dread, also are stress levels high? The reality is, this is common in a lot of workplaces.

4 key things to consider when making a career change:

1. Is this really your idea or are picking up on disgruntled energy around you?

2. Is there any part of your job bringing you fulfillment?

3. Is stress a motivator for this decision? If so, you need to find tools to deal with it as you will experience it again.

4. What kind of change do you want? Is it career or industry or going into something brand new?

In the meantime, you can make peace with where you are as you get clear on your next steps. You have the security of a job and an income, this is a great platform from which to explore your new career path.

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