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Is your voice being heard?

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Do you have trouble being heard? Are you ready to find your voice?

Finding your voice does not mean you find something new inside of yourself, instead, you are finding more of yourself, finding your truth and your way of expressing it.

The most important question to ask, feeling that you have no voice is, what are the stories and whose are the voices that are keeping you from speaking. These are the stories that need to be challenged and released.

The most common emotions that keep us from expressing ourselves through our voice is fear, judgment, and feeling unworthy of being heard. These are all tied up in past experiences and old stories that need to be released.

The questions to ask yourself on this journey to finding your voice are:

1. Why aren’t you happy with what you have to say?

2. Why is what you want to contribute not good enough?

3. Why is your voice or what you have to say not more important than people’s expectations or perceptions?

Tips for finding your voice:

1. Be discerning. Choose your audience wisely, find a tribe you are comfortable with speaking to and sharing with.

2. Speak about things you are passionate about. This allows your inner voice to shine through.

3. Explore where the resistance to being heard is coming from and look for support on your journey.

You have so much to contribute, you have a story to tell so finding your voice will be a journey of empowerment.

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