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How to set intentions the right way in 2023

How to set intentions correctly

“If you don’t set an intention, you let the day determine your mood, rather than taking control and determining how you wan the day to be”

An intention is an aim or purpose, or commitment, something you plan to do or achieve. Paying attention to your intentions can create incredible things in your life.

Setting an intention is the first step in changing your present story and moving into your preferred one. Intentions can be both big and small, lifelong or the next day or hour. Regardless, they need to be specific and actionable.

Here are some ways to set intentions successfully:

State your intentions.

1. When you decide what you want, write it down or vocalize it, this can help you stay accountable. Then, state your intention to accomplish that task. Intentions are most powerful when they are shared or declared outside of your own head.

2. Be clear.

Whatever your intentions are be clear about what you want to achieve, think about the results and the outcome. It becomes easier to focus and put all your energy into it. Life has it’s ups and downs, so setting intentions helps you get back on track.

3. Keep your intentions simple.

Your intentions should be easily actionable. Break it down if necessary. As you get more accustomed to setting daily intentions, it becomes easier and part of your daily routine.

So, be specific about what you want, visualise it for your future, feel it and take action.

If you struggle to put a structure on your day or lack in motivation, your days just drift away without any accomplishments, contact me for a clarity session to get a flow going in your life.

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