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How to refocus your mind in times of stress.

How to refocus your mind in times of stress

It is so important to have tools or a strategy in place for times that stress is pushing off your path or preventing you from focusing on the task at hand.

These can be very quick, in the moment actions that are very effective and prevent your thoughts from spiralling out of control.

Here are 5 quick practices I use to calm my mind and get back on track:


Focus on what you can control and accept what you can’t. Finding yourself stuck in traffic you can’t control the fact that you may be late, however you can let the person you’re meeting know you are running late, this releases stress and allows you to recognise when you are in control and when you’re not. This is where an acceptance practice is very effective.


Bringing your attention to the breath is very easy technique that can be used in any situation.

It can be used anytime or anyplace, you can close your eye or not, just bring your focus to the rise and fall of the chest, you can add an affirmation or mantra, “I am” on the in breath and “at peace” on the exhale. Just keep repeating allowing the thoughts to flow through without judgement, continually focusing on the breath.

Change your perspective

Take a break from what you’re doing or from your screen, whatever it is that is causing you stress. Look outside or better still go outside, see what’s happening around beyond your stressful situation. Take note of the clouds, their formation, how they are moving and changing, like your thoughts. Do this for 2 minutes, be present to what is around you, even if you are making a hot drink be present to the steps you need to take to make it.


Laughter releases endorphins or the “feel good” hormone. Watching a funny video, or T.V programme for me it’s “Friends” or speak to someone with a good sense of humour. This will distract you and will help you feel better.

Move and shake things up

Do a quick burst of exercise. It will distract your mind from your stresses as you concentrate on the exercise. Put on a song and dance it out. Look up a stretching video or qigong to release the stress in the body.

It only takes 2 – 5 minutes of being more present to create a positive impact and free yourself from a stressful thought process. Try these tips out and you will find the one that works the best for you. Start any project or workday by grounding bringing body and mind into balance.

If you find stress or stressful thoughts are impacting your life, I can help you identify your stress triggers and put a strategy in place and will improve your life and allow things to flow for you.

Contact me for a free 15 introductory call at

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