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Ground to be more productive

Grounding yourself to be more productive

Feeling like you’re lost, feeling chaotic, scattered. You are trying to do a bunch of things, jumping from one to the other in a rushed state, usually means you need to reset your energy. Losing focus, distracted, continually checking your phones are all signs you are out of balance. However, when you begin to notice these feeling or behaviours, the solution in the moment is grounding.

Grounding is an energetic practice you can use in the moment and there are many ways of practicing this:

1. Take a moment, even close you eyes if possible, and feel your feet sinking into the ground and you can visualise roots growing from the soles of your feet anchoring into the centre of the earth.

2. Pause. Notice the feelings, the sensations in the body, not the thoughts and breathe. Breathing in calm, breathing out the chaotic feelings.

3. Relax, acknowledge the groundlessness, allow the shoulders to drop, breathe into the tension and release on the exhale.

4. Gratitude. Find something to be grateful for, something in the reality in front of you.

5. Shake it out. Move, stretch or dance even for a few minutes, feeling the body respond can make you feel more present and grounded.

Chaos is a part of life, however when we ground ourselves, we can be with our chaos is a relaxed way. We can be productive in the chaos. When we ground, we feel a sense of calmness with whatever is going on. We are taking control of our thoughts and not spiralling into chaos allowing it to take over.

If you are finding the chaos or feeling scattered or just busy busy yet accomplishing nothing, your mental and physical bodies are not working in sync. If this is predominant state for you, please contact me for a Quantum Reset session and get your life back on track.

You can contact me on to book a session.

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