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Going it alone

"A lifetime of mystery unveiled in one evening" is a message I received from a client, for which I feel gratitude to love doing what I do. Also what came to mind reading this, is the power of two and how coming together to solve an issue can release pressure and stress.

When we ask for help our request vibrates through the Universe and is truly heard, the hardest thing is to be open to allow the help to comes to us in various ways through various people. There is such power in giving a voice to an ongoing issue, we have always heard two heads are better than one, so there lies the solution and also the problem!

We are a nation of "I can do it myself" we pride in our struggle to go it alone. However what are we trying to prove with the struggle or who are we trying to prove it to?

The path of struggling alone is lonely and leads nowhere. The connection, reassurance and support of sharing is a much quicker way to release issues, to be supported while you are making changes is a gift, to find a place to transform, to throw off the many, many hats we are expected to wear is telling yourself and the Universe I am worthy.

We all deserve the help, the nurturing and the wisdom of others. So the next time, you hear yourself saying "I can sort this myself" also ask how long do I want it to drag on for, will I find the correct solution for me?

And of course it's also more fun working and sharing with someone else, the laughs and conversation is like releasing the steam from a pressure cooker, letting the light flood in and lighting up your path and shining a torch on many solutions there for you that you cannot see fumbling around in the dark yourself!

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