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Frozen with Fear

Is fear keeping you frozen?

When I ask people or clients why they hesitate to start something new or even take a step in a new direction, it’s always the same. They’re afraid. Fear is keeping them frozen from even the smallest change.

The key isn’t to eliminate your fears, but rather learn how to face them and move forward despite them.

Here are 4 ways to handle your fear so that you can make the wonderful changes it’s time to make.

1. Feel your fear.

Remember. Fear is a survival instinct, it protects us from danger, indicates when something is wrong. The things is your mind doesn’t often know the difference between a life threatening threat and a fear of being embarrassed or rejected. When you feel the fear and know it’s not life threatening, you just remind yourself it’s just that a fleeting fear.

2. Embrace your fear

Once you feel the fear you need to embrace it. Once you embrace that fear will always be there, it is hard wired with us, you’ll step wasting time trying to over come it and learn a strategy to manage it.

3. Act on your fear

The only way to overcome fear is to act. Action creates further action and momentum creates further momentum. Once you take one step, you start to build confidence and courage to continue moving forward.

4. Repeat

This isn’t a recipe to make fear go away, but a process for us to feel our fears and move forward regardless. Every time you face a challenge or do something unfamiliar, it’s going to be scary. Little by little, you’ll become stronger than your fears until they no longer have the same kind of power over you that they used to.

If you are ready for change and need a strategy to keep your fear in balance, contact me at

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