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Feeling stuck want to get free?

Feeling stuck and want to get free?

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Maybe you have goals but for some reason you are not reaching them. You can get stuck in worry, afraid to make a decision or make changes in your life.

Change can be scary but is necessary for getting unstuck.

Here are some strategies for you to use to become unstuck:

1. Let go of the past

What stories are going around and around in your head? Are you thinking about events that happened in the past? Are you blaming yourself or others for things that didn’t turn out they you expected? You can’t undo the past, but you can choose peace and to forgive yourself or others is a way to let go and move on.

2. Change your perspective

Once you release your grip on the past, you will gain clarity and feel freer to change your attitude. Opening yourself to new ideas, new ways of doing things and meeting new people will help you gain a new perspective on your future and what is possible.

3. Start with small changes

Change can stimulate different parts of the brain can improve creativity and bring clarity of mind. Start by making changes to your daily routines, moving things in your home or meeting new people. After a while, the accumulation of small changes will help you accomplish your goals and you will start feeling unstuck.

4. Explore your purpose

Your life purpose is not your job, your responsibilities, or your goals, it’s what make you feel alive and joyous. Things that you enjoy and feel passionate about. Ask yourself “What makes me happy?” or “What makes me feel good about myself?”

5. Believe in yourself and remain hopeful

Trust you can achieve your goals and step out of your comfort zone. Make a list of your past successes and keep it to hand when you are having doubts or feel challenged to change. You may have had a lot of disappointments that have made you feel helpless or hopeless. Staying positive and hopeful is something that takes daily practice through journaling or meditation or mindful walking.

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