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Feeling Stuck in life

Feeling stuck? Don’t know what to do?

Are you feeling stuck in life or work? Feel like you want to start over? This is a very common human experience to feel stuck at some stage in life, whether it be a career, relationship or even identifying your next goal?

Feeling stuck can look and feel like:

· Really wanting something e.g., a new job, relationship, or improved health, then losing the motivation to get it.

· Finding something exciting that you would really like to do and then talking yourself out of it.

· Endless overthinking about what could be better or different. Indecision and worry robbing you of the present moment and enjoying life as it is.

Here are some ways you can get unstuck:

Stuckness can be a vague and uncertain feeling that something in your life is not “right”. Allow yourself some time to tune in to what these feelings are telling you and what you want to be different.

· Identify what you want:

Spend time seeing past the issue and see it resolved in a way that’s perfect for you and work backwards with the action steps.

· Change your perspective.

Feeling stuck can simply be a mindset, it may be time to change your inner voice and your perspective to be more flexible. Ask yourself “How else can I see this situation”?

· Take action to avoid “analysis paralysis” Once you are clear on what you want, ask yourself, “What is the next smallest step I could take? This prevents getting entangled in the feelings of stuckness.

· Rest, recharge and focus on self-care.

During this challenging time, keep in mind that you are responsible for your well-being. Do what you need to do to look after yourself.

Feeling stuck can happen at many different stages of life.

If you have persistent feeling of low mood, worry, anxiety or your sense of stuckness is getting in the way of your everyday living. If you are feeling frustrated as you have the answers and solutions, but cannot seem to implement them, contact me.

I am offering a program from Worry to Wisdom, a 6-week package to help ease you out of your stuckness and into a space of clarity so you can implement the solution and start living your life.

All details on my website

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