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Don't know what you want to manifest?

Updated: Feb 1

What to do when you don’t know what to manifest!

New year brings that pressure to set goals or intentions. This can cause your mind to feel foggy and you find yourself struggling to get clarity over what it is you want from this year. Could it be that you actually don't know what you want to manifest?

Are you allowing outside influences to influence your manifestation process, the magic of the Universe doesn't stop because of the economy or the energy crisis. The Universe is still working with us every step of the way, and as it is responding to our vibrating frequencies it is so important now to be clear on what we're asking for.

So, if the Universe is responding to our frequency, and we are caught up in conditioning that leaves us believing that things have to be hard and can only be gained through struggle the Universe is silent, because the frequency is in conflict.

Here are some helpful tips and questions to ask yourself to gain clarity and what you would like to manifest for you now.

1. Ask yourself what you don't want:

We can often get clear on what we do want in life after we take a look at what we don't want. Taking a look at what's in your life right now, what's working and what's not? Taking time to write these things down can help you shine a light on what you want to attract.

2. What would your ideal day look like?

A great way to get clear on this to help with your manifestation, is to journal about your ideal day. Write as if it is the end of the day and you're looking back on the perfect day, where you achieved your goals, made space for self-care and exercise, And most importantly had fun. This is just a guide your day could look completely different, as long as when you look back on it this raises your vibration and brings you into that clear space of what you want more of.

3. Be present:

Instead of thinking about the future, recognize how you feel at this present moment and what would bring you happiness. When you're in a high vibrating energy which comes from happiness and joy, things you want to manifest can appear quickly. What would help bring a little happiness and joy to your life right now so you can start attracting from this moment?

Setting mini goals and taking small actionable steps as you move along the year can bring the changes that you are wishing for.

If you are still struggling to know what to manifest and your vision board and your wish lists are empty don't worry! Take a break and reset your energy. Give yourself permission to sit and ask the Universe to deliver those amazing lightbulb moments of clarity and direction when the time is right.

If you are struggling right now to get clarity, and find you are not trusting your own ideas and inspirations, not sure if you're being influenced by others. Please contact me at for an energy reset session, connecting you with your own ideas an inspiration.

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