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Doing everything right and still stuck?

Doing everything right and still feeling stuck?

Are you hitting a brick wall when it comes to achieving your goal, or are doing everything right but still can’t get going, this maybe why!

Stories have existed ever since our ancestors came together around campfires and tried to understand their place in the world around them.

We have a narrative running in our minds about every aspect of our lives, from a lived past to an anticipated future and every person, place, and situation in between. This narrative enables us to make sense of events and determine appropriate action.

Sadly however, a lot of these stories are negative. Just an example, a friend forgets to invite you to a party, it’s all you can think about, and you replay it and replay it over and over in your mind until it’s a story of mistrust and betrayal. This may have happened 5 years ago and now this story has become a hurdle and is hold you back from achieving your goals.

Here are 4 questions to ask yourself to help you align with the present instead of the past.

1. Ask yourself: What’s making me unhappy?

The first step is to step back and take stock. What area of your life are you unhappy with? It may be more than one area, because stories have a way of spilling over into all aspects of our lives. Tackle the one that is affecting you the most and some of the others may start falling into place.

2. Ask yourself: What is my intention?

Feeling stuck or unhappy is a result of misalignment, of lack of direction with what we want in life. Getting clarity on our goals and purpose is key to developing powerful stories that align the past, present, and future. Write down your goal and connect with it. How do you see your life when you achieve your goal? What mental hurdles do you have to overcome? What aspects of your story do you have to change?

3. Ask yourself: What’s my new story?

It’s important to maintain a balanced and flexible outlook on life and not let the negative influence your way forward. Look back over your life and find a time or an experience that will help you achieve your goals. Write out your new story and replay it in your mind until it forms the neural pathways that will move you towards your goal.

As you begin to own your new story, it will become part of your sense of self. Find the flexibility in your story to that will adapt to changing circumstances and you will be able to navigate the ups and downs of life as authentically you.

If you are tired of hitting a brick wall when setting your goals, it’s time to see what stories are holding you up. Contact me at for a free introductory call.

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