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Do you keep attracting toxic people?

Do you keep attracting toxic people into your life?

Everyone has their own definition for toxicity, generally a toxic person is someone who is controlling, needy and an energy vampire.

There are some people that can be toxic to you, it may not make them bad people, so that leaves the question, what is it about you that attracts them?

Here are some reasons why?

1. Do you have a fixer mindset?

Are you always trying to solve problems for your toxic friends or family, you have friends who only think of their own needs or wants or surrounded by people who attract drama.

You can help people but not at the expense of your own needs. Also, these people need to take responsibility for their own problems, you are doing them no favours and allowing them to drain your energy.

2. Are you a people pleaser?

People pleasing and fixing are tied together, but pleasing takes it a step further as your own value is tied up in doing for others. Toxic people are highly attracted to people pleasers. They know you’ll do anything for them if they show they like you, you feel valued.

3. Do you lack Self-Respect and Don’t set boundaries?

If you don’t respect yourself and know what you value in life, then you have no boundaries in place. This is a big invitation for toxic people to take advantage of you. They seem to have their antenna up constantly, looking for boundaryless people that they can manipulate.

You attract toxic people because you care about being liked. And like people- pleasing, if you are liked, you feel valued and enough. Investigating why its so important to be liked by everyone can be the starting point to changing this.

It’s actually not as hard as you think to change this attraction. There are toxic and draining people everywhere, we can see them in all walks of life, however you do not have to be impacted by them.

Learning how to manage your energy and resetting your value system will help you hugely in these situations.

If anything I have written here resonates with you and you are tired of this pattern recurring in your life, contact me at and start attracting a higher vibrational energy into you life, one that you choose for you.

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