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Do you feature in your daily life?

Are you a feature in your everyday life?

What does your day look like? Is it filled with meeting everyone else’s needs?

Do you go to bed frustrated at night because you didn’t get your walk in, or your meditation done?

I know life does not always proceed smoothly, to put it mildly, however, do you allow that bad day ruin the whole week, sending any needs or self-care out the window going completely unmet.

So how do your overcome this? Ask yourself what are the most basic needs that need to be met for you to function on a somewhat full tank. Is it that 10 minutes silence while you drink that morning coffee? Is it making a to-do list for your day first thing, so you keep on track of your day. Is it making the most of your commute to ground and set intentions for the day ahead?

There is no one-size fits all self-care list. It is important to think about your needs currently going unmet and the self-care that unique to meeting those needs.

Ask yourself the following questions?

What are your needs? The things you need to do to keep your body functioning well. Identify what that is, what you’re now and what changes you would like to make.

Do you need to reduce stress? What is stressing you out? Are they even about you? Are you stuck in something you don’t need to be in? Can you hand it over?

Where are your boundaries? Do you need to set some limits? Saying No when you would rather not do something, not getting involved in things that make extra work for you and communicating this clearly and directly to others.

Self-discovery plays an important part in self-care. Learning more about your specific needs makes it possible to find more productive ways to take care of yourself.

If you find making time for yourself daily is overwhelming and actually causing you stress, its time to explore the barriers keeping you from meeting your needs.

My program for Worry to Wisdom can help you in so many ways from exploring your mindset to connecting you with your self-worth and values. I bring you through some beautiful visualisations to really connect you to you, this is your precious time, time to get to know you. You will be supported by me on this journey. If this resonates with your soul, contact me at

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