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Declutter with journaling

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Benefits of Journaling

Dear Diary………that conjures up images of sticker-covered notebooks or the ones with the lock and key, hiding it from family members.

Now journaling has used a tool to declutter the mind and bringing your focus to the present. Decluttering the mind is such a freeing experience. Using a journal to get rid of old stories, negative thought patterns, and other’s opinions is perfect.

It is like having Marie Kondo in your mind, keeping what you love, stories, memories, and experiences, and thanking and letting go of what is not serving you now, writing them down and getting them out.

Using pen and paper is most beneficial as the thoughts flow through the pen and as you start releasing from the mind, it grows momentum, and the words flow.

Here are some tips and tools for effective journaling:

1. Make journaling a regular habit. Create a routine. Choose a time each day preferably the same time to journal.

2. Keep your journal close by. Even though you have a routine in place, situations may arise during the day, where you need to vent or record a win.

3. Keep your journal judgment-free. It is important to allow yourself to journal judgment-free, it’s essential, to be honest, and judgment can act as a sensor preventing you from being totally honest.

Some journal prompts:

1. Check in with yourself. How are you feeling, lives are so busy, this is the perfect time to really check-in.

2. Reflect on your day. You can write about your actions and interactions, the way your day unfolded. Doing this daily will help you see any patterns developing.

3. Work through something that you are going through. Journaling can serve as a tool to help you make sense of your experience. Writing down our experiences can help you gain clarity.

With journaling, start where you are now, you don’t have to go digging, what needs to be released through writing will come to you.

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