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Choose to be happy now, circumstances will never be perfect, a guide to the actions you can take.

Choose to be happy now, circumstances will never be perfect, a guide to the actions you can take.

Happiness is a choice for most of us. You don’t have to wait until you lose weight, resolve all the struggles in your life or find the dream job. Ask yourself when you last said, “I’ll be happy when”? We outsource our happiness based on a future outcome. The truth is we only have now, we do not have to wait. Our mindset can keep us in what we think would make us happy. Always that, never this. Once we get it, it’s ok for a while, then we begin searching again.

Most happy people realise happiness is a choice and they intentionally choose it every day.

Here is a guide to choose happiness today, practice them or use them as inspiration to create your own practice.

1. Count your blessings.

Choose to focus on the positive, find specific reasons to be grateful and express them through journaling and you will discover that you can always find something to be grateful for.

2. Take back your morning!

Wake up a little earlier and establish a meaningful morning routine. This can be gentle stretching, meditation, writing, grounding, or sitting in stillness.

3. Find a life improving discipline.

There is a lot of happiness and fulfilment to be found in personal growth. Knowing you have intentionally devoted time and energy to personal development is one of the most satisfying feeling you’ll ever have. So whatever you need to continue your growth, find it, practice it, enjoy and celebrate it.

4. Meditate

Find time every day to be alone in silence. As our lives are so busy, it’s so important to take time to make time. Using this time to connect within, listen to your guidance and find your inner peace.

Don’t wait for tomorrow. Be happy now.

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