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Changing from the inside out

“What a wonderful life I’ve had! I only wish I’d realised it sooner” – Collette

Are you always chasing the next big thing? Do you get tricked into the mindset that in order to change the way that you feel, some thing outside of you has to change.

Usually, it has to be something big, the job, the car, the city even the relationship. So, for that fleeting moment, you are happy, only to return to the status quo.

I wonder if it’s about focusing on the process, a way to change the quality of your life without actually changing your life. Enjoying a more relaxed journey towards your goals, instead of furiously working to attain them.

Starting to re-evaluate all aspects of your life and seeing how you can improve any area is the best way to end the cycle of dissatisfaction.

Do you find your life has a lack of gratitude, do you procrastinate? Do you find you do a sheer amount complaining? This is a good place to start!!

Being present in the moment is the key to changing the unhappiness inside. Being grateful for what is present in that moment can change so much, it can change fear into flow.

Do you have a daily practice or a time you connect to a higher power? Which is that connection to you or to your soul and maybe consider that that is what’s missing from your life. That you are missing the connection to you.

Working on that connection within is a journey, there is no destination which takes the pressure off and makes the journey more enjoyable.

Focusing on personal growth and working mindfully towards a better quality of life is, in my opinion the key to happiness.

If you have been trying to create happiness from the outside and it hasn’t worked, contact me at to find your way of connecting to your soul and creating happiness from within.

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