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Becoming Unstuck

Becoming unstuck and what that means!

First of all, what is stuck?

Feeling stuck can be this overarching sense that you need to do something, move from where you are to a place you would rather be, make a positive change in your life, but you can't.

Clients often describe this as “frozen in place”. Many other descriptions for being stuck from clients are “I want to move, I have to make a move, but I can’t” also “I feel like my life is on hold”

Does any of this resonate with you? And the most important thing to know is there is nothing wrong. It is just time for a change and guidance and support is needed.

Here are some things to consider while you're waiting to get that help and guidance.

1. Check in with the “shoulds”

Are you feeling you “should” because those around you are doing it, it’s in keeping with the family (eye roll) or because your colleagues are making moves. It has to feel right to you, regardless of where you are making changes it has to benefit you and you only.

2. Enjoy life.

I know this stuck feeling maybe very prominent in your life, however, find some joy, do something you like to do, hang out with high vibrational people, step outside of it for a while, this allows ideas and clarity to come in.

3. Be present.

We only have now, this minute that we are in, so be present in it. It is only from this space we can make changes or set goals or take action. There is no point worrying about the future, and to have the future you want can only be created from now.

Coaching is a great tool to access when you’re feeling stuck. One of the many goals in coaching is to guide you to identify why you’re feeling stuck, work through the emotions, feelings, situations, or trauma that have led you to where you are now. And finally working with you to remove those roadblocks.

Does this sound familiar to you? Would you like to start making small positive changes to becoming unstuck?

Contact me at to begin a new journey learning more about you and thriving in your own life.

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