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An attitude of Gratitude

A Gratitude Practice

A gratitude practice makes magic happen quickly and it’s easy to do. Imagine starting everyday in a positive mood, instead of mentally replaying all life’s problems and pulling the duvet over your head, you can choose to take control of your mind and focus on the good.

Showing gratitude to an area in your life where you are “stuck”, instead of stress and worrying, begins to unknot and you will start to feel an ease about the situation. This is where the miracle begins, feeling peace instead of stress is the key to manifesting. It frees up the situation to allow the Universe to get involved.

Bringing your attention in Gratitude to what you already have in your life is sending the message to the Universe “more of this”. Focusing on lack is also saying “more of this”.

Some tools for starting a gratitude practice:

1. Schedule a time for gratitude. Make time just a small amount to focus on gratitude.

2. Use a journal, just for gratitude.

3. Elaborate. Just making a shopping list of items is not enough, you need to feel into it and state your why.

I use The Magic by Rhondra Byrne, have experienced many miracles through gratitude.

Energy flows where attention goes, so show gratitude for what is good in all areas of your life.

If you find you are focusing more on the negative things in your life or you are stuck in the past and to find some light on your path, contact me at for a mindset reset session to get you back on track.

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