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A positiveway to start your day!

How to get a great start to your day, in 5 simple steps.

So how can you make it more likely that you will have a good or even great day? The things you do first thing can set you up for the day, making it more productive, more focused and the more we practice the more powerful our habits become.

Try these steps to have a great day, everyday.

1. Plan the night before.

Put down 1-3 of the most important things you want to get done on a to do list. Keeping the list limited it becomes easier to actually get the important things done.

2. Prepare the night before.

Reduce the stress during your morning by getting the simple details out of the way the night before. It sounds so easy however it can reduce a lot of stress in the morning, prepare lunch, any files or paperwork have prepared or anything else you need for the day.

3. Move

Take a few minutes to stretch or exercise first thing as it gets the blood flowing raising your vibration and sending your mindset into a positive state. It will also increase your mental processing speed.

4. A morning practice of gratitude has been shown to improve your mental and physical health. Make a list of things you are grateful that morning. Just a list of 3-5 things and state why you are grateful which brings you into the present moment.

5. Start your workday with the most important task.

Find the most important task on the limited to-do list you created. Do it first thing when your workday starts, this leads to less temptation to procrastinate.

6. Get enough restful sleep.

This isn’t exactly a habit for morning, however it’s a huge element of the successful morning routine as it is based on the foundation of a well-rested body and mind. When you start your day feeling rejuvenated, you are able to take on your to-do list and whatever else the day may hold.

If you would like any help putting a positive practice in place for any aspect of your life contact me at

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