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5 simple habits to live a more focused life.

5 simple habits to live a more focused life.

Focus is the secret sauce of success and developing these life habits can help.

Focus is one of the most powerful tools for deep work and achievement, and now especially with so many distractions and change. It gets harder everyday to live with focus and yet it never has been more important.

How you create more focus in your life comes down to habit. The root of focus is steeped in the habits you create and how you nurture them.

Here are a few habits that are simple to follow:

1. Thinking on paper

Using paper or keeping a journal is a powerful way to stay focused, keeping one to hand throughout the day for notes or ideas or a to-do list. This gets things out of your head so you can stop trying to remember things for later and you can get on with your deep work. Have a plan for your day, a plan that works for you, that sets your goals and intentions not a rigid or impossible one. Sometimes a weekly plan can work better and be more flexible.

2. Meditation

Having a habit of meditation, be it mindfulness or yoga or one of the many kinds, adds a layer of calm and awareness to your everyday life. A regular meditation practice has been proven to increase attention control.

3. Unplugging

We live in a world that seeks to grab our attention all the time, if we wish to stay focused, we must resist that. Technology is one of the main avenues of lost focus. When you sit down to do focused work, unplug. Put your phone in another room on silent. Disconnect from the internet if you’re not using it. There are many ways to unplug, everyone is different, but unplugging and limiting your distractions makes a huge different.

4. Gratitude

While it may seem unrelated, gratitude can help you be more focused and deliberately practicing gratitude on a daily basis improves mental and physical health. It leads to better sleep, getting better sleep alone is more than enough reason, your focus is more enabled.

5. Reading

Reading books, not social media posts or texts, nor online news, real books!!!

The act of picking up a book and reading is hugely beneficial for your brain and your focus. This is one I find particularly helpful and one I really enjoy. It gives your mind a break, lowers stress levels in the body, improves memory and creativity, getting lost for a while means when you do focus you are fresh and can work deeply to get things done.

Focus is energy. Where focus goes, energy flows. Living with the right habits can strengthen your focus muscles.

You can live a more focused life. Commit and you will see the difference.

If you want help being more focused, or clarity around your purpose, as purpose creates focus, contact me at for a free introductory call.

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